Reverse IBD Coaching Package

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At A Glance

8 Phone Sessions

We will work together over the phone to help you understand the ins and outs of proper nutrition and healing.

IBD Guides

The IBD Reversal Diet Guide, IBD Reversal Diet Cookbook, as well as additional helpful guides are included.

1-on-1 Coaching

I will work with you on an individual level to help troubleshoot issues and help you achieve the best health possible.

Digital Nutrition Course

The DIY Nutritionist course is included to help you maintain and further increase your health after reversing IBD.

Customized Support

Not every person deals with IBD the same, so you'll receive the best customized support we have to offer.

After Recovery Resources

Included are additional digital resources and guides to help you on the road to greater health.

What My Clients Say!

"I can’t even begin to explain all that I have learned from Cassidy. I now believe that food can heal anybody and any health condition. Now that I’m on the other side of healing, there’s no going back. Thank you for teaching me the tools I needed to make my family and I healthy forever!”
Rachel L.
"Cassidy totally changed my life. It's better on the wallet, my mind, my energy, and surprisingly even my relationships. I totally believe it's something that EVERYONE needs.”
Jordan K.
"Cassidy is so knowledgeable and encouraging. These past few months have been the healthiest of my life! I have more energy and mental clarity and I don't have to worry about being sick all the time. The resources she provided for me to keep moving forward after our sessions are priceless. Definitely worth the investment.”
Heather L.

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Payment Options

Choose a payment option that works for you!

Full Amount: Pay for the entire program all upfront

Pay Deposit: You can choose between

  • Paying the $299 deposit and then two monthly payments of $224 (and some change).
  • Paying the $299 deposit and then three monthly payments of $149 (and some change).


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